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Maren Kathleen Elliott is an interdisciplinary artist (visual arts, music, movement) and educator from Edmonton, Alberta. She was raised in the arts, training in classical viola, dance, and  exploring visual and written expression. Maren received her BA (Psychology, Music) from the University of Alberta in 2016. In 2017, she was Artist in Residence at the University of Alberta’s Arts-based Research studio and received an individual project grant from the Edmonton Arts Council for her work in mixed media.  In 2018, She was one of six featured artists for the Edmonton Shaw Conference Community Art Program, and she has subsequently exhibited work in cities across Canada from Vancouver to Ottawa.  Most recently, she has been Artist in Residence at the Ottawa School of Art. 

Maren is passionate about arts accessibility, story telling, mental health advocacy, and community activation. She has worked as a distress line listener, practical support worker, outreach arts educator for all ages, dancer, and group fitness instructor. All of these experiences have shaped and influenced her creative practice. in her studio, she often combines images and seemingly ordinary materials into creative meditations that bridge her passions for social sciences and human connection.