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Sbiders from Marz Productions


There’s Something I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You

Friday June 17th, 2022
Nightowl Toronto
Doors @ 7:30PM
Show @ 8:30PM

Sbiders From Marz Productions welcomes you to the world premiere of their production There’s Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You, live at Nightowl Toronto and streamed online. This original interdisciplinary performance features Aura Giles, Kelsey Cross and Maren Kathleen Elliott for an evocative evening of queer storytelling through movement, music, digital art, and visual culture.

Co-produced By 

Maren Kathleen Elliott & Corinne Simpson

This performance is about resilience, self-expression, making beauty out of pain, and finding joy through life.

After performing and spearheading art shows in Toronto and Ottawa Pride over the last few years, co-creator/producer Maren Kathleen Elliott noticed a theme of biphobia and bi-erasure coming from within the Queer community. The irony of this experience has been painful.

Research suggests Bisexuals suffer worse mental health outcomes than heterosexuals, lesbians & gay men. This includes higher rates of anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders, higher reports of self harm and suicidal thoughts. Bi+ individuals are also far less likely to be out to the people in their lives (including friends, family, and healthcare providers) compared to gay or lesbian members of the LGBT+ umbrella. These outcomes are often linked with experiences of Bi-erasure and Bi+-antagonism (biphobia).

The inspiration for this show came from a desire to celebrate and showcase bisexual+ identity and to combat bi erasure. Since then, it has morphed into something very bi-driven but inclusive to all identities– propelled by the power of expression as a deeply human means to navigate the ups and downs of life. After all, we all have a story to tell. We would love to tell you ours.

June 17, 2022

Nightowl Toronto

647 College Street

Doors: 7:30PM , Show, 8:30PM

and streaming online (8:30PM EST)

Maren Kathleen Elliott  is an interdisciplinary artist and educator whose modalities include illustration, mixed media, movement and sound/music. Maren is passionate about arts accessibility, storytelling, mental health advocacy and community activation.

Her work has employed non-traditional materials, the integration of multiple modes of expression, and other techniques into creative meditations that bridge her training in classical music (viola, voice), dance, and visual arts with her  passions for social sciences and human connection.
I have always loved expressing myself through movement, training in gymnastics and various dance styles since I was little. In 2010 I furthered my dance education through courses at York University, and began working as a gymnastics coach and dance instructor in 2013 which I have continued to do in some capacity over the years. In 2017 I was introduced to pole dancing and aerial arts by a friend and fell absolutely in love with it! I began training as much as I could, spending hours at the studio, and signed up for my first competition in 2018. 
I currently teach aerial hoop (Lyra) and pole dancing at 3Sixty Dance and Fitness in Ottawa, performing and competing when I can. Dancing brings me so much joy and helps me express myself and tell stories in ways I cannot convey with words.
Flutist and composer Aura Giles is equally comfortable in any solo, chamber or orchestral genre, but gets the most enjoyment out of working with composers on new, never been performed pieces. Aura has been privileged to present a number of premieres, including works by Andrew Ager, Victor Sanchez, James Wright, Margaret Ashburner and Jennifer Jolley, among others. Aura has performed as concerto soloist with the Alberta Baroque Ensemble and the University of Ottawa Orchestra.Ms. Giles holds an MMus in flute performance from the University of Ottawa. Her writing extends the limits of the flutists’ traditional skills by incorporating a strong vocal component in her solo pieces. Her compositional style reflects an eclectic mix of influences, ranging from jazz, folk and other earth styles to the highly structured contemporary and classical. Aura is dedicated to the performance and promotion of new music.
Corinne Simpson (she/her), whom everyone calls Been, is a Virtual Assistant with her own company called Corinne Assistant. She previously owned a makeup company called VampireNomad Palette where she specialised in fantasy and horror makeup. Been has worked as a live theatre stage manager and movie theatre manager, both in New Zealand, and has worked everywhere from law offices to film sets in her life. Her hobbies include doting on her cat Zissou, writing, and travel, and she has a special love of supporting and uplifting the voices of creative entrepreneurs, queer folks, and those with mental health struggles.

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  • Meghan Odsen
  • Janet McGeer
  • Kyra Philbert
  • Sheila Hart
  • Dylan Hart
  • John Elliott
  • Annalyn Holmstrom


  • Katie Strong
  • Roxy Sunset
  • Shaundon Holmstrom
  • Shawn Zinyk 
  • Liam Cummings
  • Charlie Cook
  • Jillian Fulton-Melanson
  • Jamie Hudson
  • Maria Cherwick
  • Zissou
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