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1. Ceramic Doggo

When I volunteered at the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts I was often delighted at, inspired by, or compelled by the creations that came out of that place. Like this sweet ceramic doggo by Jenny Lau. Have you heard of the Nina? The Nina is an Edmonton-based organization that provides opportunity for the creation and exhibition of arts by folks who face barriers to artistic expression. Members of the collective spend time in the studio at least once a week, and work regularly developing their artistic voices with the support of some amazing artistic staff.

I have submitted so many applications this year and it can be easy to be discouraged, to get sucked into the trap that “Art” is some kind of exclusive club that belongs to a precious few. I think so many of us feel that way sometimes- especially folks who are creative but would never use any kind of special label for themselves.

But I think we are all creative beings in our own way. And self-expression is so important whether it be through words or movement, painting, quilting, whatever. Regardless of reception by others, whether you are in or out of some club, there is immense value in the process.

2. Little Nest

This one time I got super excited by the idea of a 3d printing pen so I bought one and then made this little bird’s nest. It brings up memories of my grandparent’s house which was full of small treasures- blown glass, polished stones, shells, birch bark, wasp paper, little wooden and carvings. I feel like it would have fit in there.

When was the last time you took a moment to stop and marvel at some small piece of beauty? Kids are often better at this than grown-ups. But if you practice you can remember how to do it, too.

3. Shawns Smol Sheepie 

This week I’m finding inspiration in the smol smol things. Like this felted Sheep buddy by Shawn Zinyk.

Shawn is really a master of meticulous, sweet, adorable things.

If Cute is the death of Art so be it.

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