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Call for (Poster Art) Submissions: Concrete Cleavage 2020

Update (2020-07-17): Submission deadline has been extended to August 15th 2020.

The term cleavage is used in a range of contexts.  Its occurrence ranges from a slip of atomic bonds to highlights of constraint; in some cases, it is a result of extreme contrasting temperatures. In others, it might be the defining feature of your local neighbour cougar. In an urban setting-the in-between spaces (alleys, crevices between buildings, bridges or other structures) have been host to innumerable exchanges.  The dividing lines between types of cleavage remain arbitrary and potentially warrant further investigations. Collectively, this show seeks to invite a range of queer perspectives to interpret the theme: Concrete Cleavage.  We’re seeking posters – from the whimsically volatile to critical intensity, theory driven, socially charged, explorative pieces and even those grounded in lived experience.  


Overall, we wish to draw upon the creative collectively of our queer peers and communities.  This show is a continuation of the curating team’s “Booty Call” art show held earlier this year. 

We are actively encouraging queer BIPOC submissions, and have a limited subsidy pool to remove financial barriers around printing costs for all emerging BIPOC queer artists and designers. 


Considering that there will be a limited number of physical events to attend during this summer’s Pride events, the team has set out the ambitious goal of creating this event as two walk-through pop-up  galleries in Ottawa & Toronto Ontario. and an online virtual gallery.

Deadline for Submissions: AUGUST 15th 2020

Posters are to be designed for a final print size of 16×20” 

Submissions should include 

  • a short  bio 300 (300 word max). 
  • A statement, 400 words (max)  highlighting the significance of your poster. This can include, methods, subject matter and interpretation of the theme;  how did you make this poster? What inspired you? 
  • A proof of concept image (this does not need to be a print-quality image)- though a print quality image will be requested from selected artists and must be sent in by or before August 20th, 2020. 

Submissions will be reviewed and applicants will be notified of decisions no later than August 20th, 2020. 

For additional information, email


About the project leads: 

Juan is a design researcher and has worked in several industries including fashion & apparel, art, music & entertainment and community & sexual health. His interests are volunteerism, social innovation, design-activism and entrepreneurship. When not doing these things, you can find Juan being gay, tired & hungry.

Maren is an interdisciplinary creative bisexual bipolar gemini who has recently transplanted from Edmonton to Ottawa. Her modalities include illustration, mixed media, movement and music. Maren is passionate about arts accessibility, story telling, mental health advocacy, and community activation.

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