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Performance: Preparation & Reflection

This footage is from almost exactly a year ago. I was trying to learn some choreography from this video tutorial and learning from video is so hard for me. I was feeling frustrated and alone and stir-crazy in my apartment so I went outside after dark to breathe some fresh air and try moving in a different kind of environment. There, in this concrete courtyard beside my building, I found some solace in the shadows of the summer evening. 

Flash forward to this June and I’m preparing a performance that is to take place in a different concrete courtyard as part of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre’s Pride in Place festival. This time, the location of my activity was by deliberate choice (how do we make something outdoors that will be small-scale and “covid-conscious”) rather than by a sense of desperation and needing to get out of my house. But I still find the parallel between these moments interesting – how there is a sense of full-circle here, how inextricable these two moments are from the influence of Pandemic Life.

As I prepare for “Sleep Codes & Coordinates” I’ve been reflecting on how the spaces we occupy influence our activities and our sense of who we are. How can I use movement and sound to explore these themes? 

I’m not sure if I’m the same me as I was before the pandemic. Are you?

To register for Sleep Codes & Coordinates (online or in-person– both are free to attend) visit this link.

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