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VIDEO: Arts as Good Medicine, A Personal Journey

Online Presentation for RIA LINKS (Salon in the Cloud #12), May 2022

I have had my eye on the topic of arts-in-medicine for much of my life, through lived experience, academic study, mentoring, and close observation. In the fall of 2020, I connected with artist-activist cj fleury in response to her call for an emerging, interdisciplinary-social-practice artist to help build an innovative and inclusive approach to curation. 

Medical patients seldom have the opportunity to be treated as regular citizens with access to cultural production. Their environments are designed for efficiency of care rather than quality of life. 
Some environmental features are inherent to the delivery of care and thus cannot be controlled (i.e. sounds of machines, sanitary infrastructure etc). But what CAN we control and improve? And how do we determine WHAT might make things better or worse? Furthermore, is there a way to include those most impacted by these decisions in the conversation? People like staff (both medical AND support staff), families, and especially the patients who wield the least amount of power in these worlds?

This talk explores some of my research on the topic of arts-in-healthcare, my personal connections to the topic, and visions for empowerment and change within Healthcare Systems through active, participatory arts-based approaches. 

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