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Artists for Systems Change Symposium

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, volunteered and presented at yesterday’s Artists for Systems Change Symposium, held in Amiskwaciwâskahikan (also known as Edmonton, Alberta Canada). It was a great pleasure directing this event and an immense privilege to share space and explore this topic together.

I truly believe that though art

-We can catalyze action

-We can process, grieve, navigate and express our climate anxiety

-We can engage in hope-building, community building

-We can work towards shifting individual emotional investments, then public consciousness, then maybe even policy

Breanna , Jason Emele & Riley — your creative offerings and our discussion with the whole group yesterday reminded me of that.

Thank you to Energy Futures Lab for funding this project and to the Nina Haggerty Arts Centre for generously offering your space.

Thank you as well to Brett McKay of Taproot Edmonton Magazine for the lovely article on the event, which can be read here:

Here is a gallery of images from the YASC symposium, photographed by Dylan Hart.

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