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‘Come All You Women'(2016) in the Grey Nuns Hospital

I feel so moved to have one of my pieces in the permanent collection of the Grey Nuns hospital as a part of their new Psychiatry Department Art Project. This piece was created in association with singer-songwriter Connie Kaldor with text from her song “Come All You Women”.

I know during my own time working at a hospital, the art on the walls was sometimes the greatest thing keeping me going through the day. So it seems kind of poetic that this is bringing it full circle and that Connie’s words and the imagery they inspired me to create, might touch others as well.

A hospital, with its sometimes stressful, vulnerable nature, seems a fitting place for this visual letter of love and support for women who are all-too-often victims of violence and oppression.

Many thanks to Dr. Jan Banasch for spearheading this initiative, to everyone at the Nuns who supported it, and to the Art Mentorship Society of Alberta for including me in it.

To take a listen to the song:

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