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Studio Serenades

Earlier this week I welcomed Montreal/Brooklyn based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Aleksi Campagne, along with guitarist Zach Bachand into my studio for an intimate concert.

Despite the bitter cold February cold, a crowd of about fifteen devoted fans cozied in to the garage “Healing Hall” and were treated to an evening of art and music.

The first half of the evening featured improvisation by Zach and Aleksi & live doodling by yours truly based on audience prompts that we literally pulled from a hat. The temperature may have been low, but creativity was high, as we pulled out images of warm days, cool nights, grieving space cats and other celestial oddities.

This was then then turned into a mural which my friend Shawn Zinyk helped me frantically paint while Aleksi & Zach performed some original tunes for the second half of the show.

I am so filled with gratitude at this opportunity for collaboration & creative sharing with Aleksi and Zach. I am also incredibly warmed at the community that joined together for the event. Thank you to the artists and folks in my life that make moments like these possible, they are truly amazing.

Getting Brunch Before the Show

Shawn & I with our…uh… Master piece. Well, maybe more like a silly piece- we had fun though!

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