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Over the Moon about this Butt Show!

Wow! Just finished installing 44 pieces by 10 artists from four cities across Canada and one from Europe 😭😭😭
Tonight will be a one-night celebration of the divine derriere. Prints, Paintings, Illustrations… we’re showcasing bootilicious creative meditations, arttwerk, ass & sass.
I’m so blown away and by inspired by the projects and connections that came about from this pop-up. The conversation to do this stemmed partly from a desire to feel more empowered after waiting for permission and hearing ‘no’ without end from many of the institutional gatekeepers in fine art.
Why no not just produce our own show? See what happens? Just a simple gathering and celebration of some creative work? How about BUTTS!??
It’s safe to say what came together from this experiment has far exceeded my expectations. Such a variety of creative responses, humour, and some interesting conversation openers around body acceptance, sex positivity, censorship and all that fun stuff that comes with the territory… I’m over the moon, really. Can’t wait to welcome you, with Juan to our pop-up.

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