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(YE)Gleaners & the Urban Harvest

In Edmonton I connected with & shared studio space with some pretty stellar artists. I saw a grimy, urban junk, found-object theme amongst the work of three of them that I thought would make a really compelling show. Originally I was like “let’s do a show!” but I quickly realized my work didn’t quite the bill aesthetically (boo hoo). The concept was there, though, so I spoke with the artists, wrote up a proposal, collected materials, and then I thought this story would end like many others [and then COVID happened]. But Shawn, Tim & Riley went forward and decided to make this happen as a pop-up. I am so delighted to see this come together and while I’m in town, too. It is such a treasure when you get to have artists in your life who not only make great work but are also great people too.

Please join us for the (YE)Gleaners & the Urban Harvest pop up show at Beacon Gallery from Sept 25 – 27. This exhibit showcases paintings, sculpture and relief made from found / recycled materials and trash. It features work from three Edmonton artists, Shawn Zinyk, Timothy Grieco, and Riley Tenove, and is curated by Maren Elliott.

Beacon Gallery is located at 12020 – 49 St in Edmonton. The exhibition is open between the hours of 5 and 9 pm on Friday Sept 25, 1-5 pm on Saturday Sept 26, and 1-5 pm on Sunday Sept 27. The gallery is in a private studio residence so please be respectful of the neighbourhood and property. Parking is available on 49 st. The gallery entrance is located on the left side of the house. Attendees will direct you upon arrival. Max 4 people allowed in the gallery space at once. Masks mandatory.  

(YE)Gleaners & the Urban Harvest
Friday Sept 25, 5-9 pmSaturday Sept 26, 1-5 pmSunday Sept 27, 1-5 pm 
Beacon Gallery 12020 – 49 St Edmonton, AB
Shawn Zinyk @shawnzinykTimothy Grieco @metamorphosisportalRiley Tenove @rileya_tenoveMaren Elliott (Curator) @marenkelliott

About the show:
The (YE)Gleaners collective began simply by virtue of a shared workspace- a converted garage near Old Strathcona that stands as an example in the long tradition of creatives occupying and repurposing space, taking what is available, and making use of it. What is interesting, however, about the creative output of this space was the emergence of a parallel between this process and the process of the artworks that have since been created there. Though diverse in scale, form, and exact approach, many of the artists in the collective include found objects, or ‘junk’ in their works, collecting and sublimating the rejected and overlooked artifacts from Edmonton’s back alleys and bins into meditations that create a portrait of urban life in Alberta’s capital city. When foraging for materials to creatively repurpose, the yield here seems plentiful. And out of the shadows and grime, our gleaners recontextualize objects into new forms that contemplate value, spiritual components of creation and waste, and life in the urban realm.

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