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Sleep Codes & Coordinates

This live performance was a part of Queer Pride 2021 at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

(June 15-27, 2021, Toronto ON).

In Sleep Codes & Coordinates, installation art and live performance animated an Annex courtyard, exploring the relationship between burnout, the spaces we occupy, and the invisible awards that we self-declare. The performance was then adapted into video format to reach a wider audience while respecting ongoing public health

Sleep Codes & Coordinates happens where Pride meets Pandemic, navigating the absurdity of uncertainty, fear, and finding ways to celebrate even in times of struggle.


Performance: Maren K Elliott (Project lead)

Design & Installation Art: Juan Saavedra (Project lead)

Performance Sound Mix: Maren K Elliott & Shaundon Holmstrom

Sound Designer: Sean Morello

Makeup Artist: Julian Morello

Video Editing: Maren K Elliott & Shaundon Holmstrom

Choreographic Consultant: Cleo Halls


Sleep Codes & Coordinates is situated on the traditional lands of the Haudenosaunee, the Anishinaabe, and the Wendat, and the treaty territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit. We acknowledge them and any other Nations who care for the land (acknowledged and unacknowledged, recorded and unrecorded) as the past, present and
future caretakers of this land, referred to as Tkaronto (“Where The Trees Meet The Water”; “The Gathering Place”). Sleep Codes & Coordinates and Buddies is honoured to be a home for queer, trans and 2-Spirit artists on these storied and sacred lands that have been stewarded by Indigenous peoples for thousands of years before the
arrival of colonial settlers.

While the performance of Sleep Codes & Coordinates primarily tells a stay-at-home story, we would like to acknowledge folks who haven’t had the choice to self-isolate or work from home throughout the pandemic.
This includes essential workers, people without the stability of a safe, permanent housing situation. Although the stay-at-home orders have taken their toll on many of us psychologically speaking, we would also like to acknowledge folks who live with longer term restrictions on their lives and personal autonomy outside of the pandemic, such as incarcerated peoples, refugees, folks in political limbo.

Photo: Greg Wong


“…soooo powerful. I really liked the segment in the middle with the violin – made me cry and feel. You are so very talented in so many different ways. Thanks for sharing your talent and thanks to the amazing team” -PL

Sleep Codes and Coordinates resonates with me on many levels! It reminds me of the fear and frustration during the early phase of this pandemic. I really appreciated your performance and the efforts you and your team put into it.” – JX

“WOW, great performance!” – LH

Photo: Greg Wong

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