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A Glimpse into Practice- Behind the scenes of FAME Punking Video Shoot

Here’s some behind the scenes moments from a recent practice for my upcoming FAME Bowie-inspired Punking video shoot!! We shoot tomorrow! I am so so excited and grateful to be working with an amazingly talented and creative team of dancers from the Ottawa W💗acking community!
Ginko Edmon (also shot some of this footage)
Erik Alvaro
Stephanie Seto
Tayo Odueke
Bethany Snider

Plus special guests Mr Benjamin Dover and Vanessa.

We have also been honoured to have gotten to chat with Viktor Manoel, OG in the style (who also danced for Bowie’s Glass Spider tour!) for history and inspiration 💗🌟🙏

To all my patrons who donated to help make this video possible, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your generosity is paving the way forward and sending ripples into the contemporary Canadian art landscape. As Henry Moore so elegantly put it, “To be an artist is to believe in life”. I’d like to think that to support an artist is to believe in life, too. Thank you for believing, and let’s believe together.

UPDATE! We did it!

Check out our video shoot day BTS reel:

I can’t wait to edit these all together and show the final video in Toronto (and Online) this June 17th!
To reserve your spot you can email

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